Absorbent GP

General Purpose Organic



Absorbent GP products are designed to clean up liquids ranging from oil and solvents to water and non-aggressive chemicals. They are manufactured from 100% cellulose fibres made from pulp re-claimed from the manufacture of paper products. Liquids are locked into the cellulose fibres, preventing the leaching and handling problems commonly associated with clay and polypropylene sorbents. They provide the broadest possible range of disposal options, including incineration, landfilling and bioremediation. The performance attributes of ISC’s range of Organic General Purpose sorbents make them stand-out performers in spill control.


  • Absorb liquids within fibres vs. adsorbing liquids on exterior of fibres only
  • Absorb immediately on contact
  • Retain the liquids absorbed; prevents leaching of absorbed liquids
  • Absorb all liquids except strong inorganic acids and caustics
  • Anti-static
  • No free silica avoids health problems (silicosis) associated with clay and diatomaceous earth
  • Tough – won’t rip easily and can withstand forklift and foot traffic
  • Separate into wipes for hands, machinery and work area clean up
  • Lint free and non-abrasive to machinery
  • 100% organic – environmentally friendly
  • Increased options for disposal
  • Landfill – pass and exceed Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP), Paint Filter Test and Liquid Release Test (LRT) – won’t leach absorbed liquids, eliminates free liquids problems
  • Incinerate at low temperatures (industrial boilers, etc.)
  • Bioremediation- will break down to natural organic elements with the use of microbial enzyme action
  • Environmentally responsible from origin to disposal

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Absorbent GP Pads and Rolls

Absorbent GP Natural Fibre Pads and Rolls provide high performance spill control for both day-to-day and emergency applications. The 4 ply construction of Absorbent GP Pads allows them to be used for high volume spills in 4 ply or to be separated into a single ply for small leaks and drips or cleaning parts.

Absorbed liquids are captured and won’t leach, allowing pads to be used until they are at absorption capacity. Absorbent GP Rolls offer the same 4 ply construction and are a practical option for spills, leaks and drips over large areas on workshop floors.

Organic Socks and Pillows

Absorbent GP Socks are primarily used to contain spills by restricting their spread. They can also be placed in crevices or tight gaps where there has been a spill. As a preventative measure socks can be wrapped around machinery that may be leaking or dripping during normal operations.

Absorbent GP Pillows are used to absorb high volumes of spilled liquid once a spill has been contained. They can also be used to catch liquids while performing maintenance on machinery.

Item # Product Description Unit
34602 Pads 41cm x 51cm x 6mm Bale of 100
36634 Rolls 80cm x 46m x 6mm Roll
42011 Pillows 25cm x 45cm Box of 20
42012 Pilliows 45cm x 45cm Box of 10
33032 Socks 75mm x 1.2m Box of 10
33033 Socks 75mm x 3m Box of 6