Spill Sorb

Spill-Sorb is a general purpose particulate, designed specifically as an environmental alternative to Kitty Litter. It contains, controls and cleans up unwanted liquid spills and removes sheen from floors and work surfaces. Spill-Sorb is 100% manufactured from cellulose fibres reclaimed from the pulp and paper industry.

Spill-Sorb will absorb a range of liquids including oils, solvents, coolants and non-aggressive chemicals. Absorbed liquids are locked into the cellulose fibres which prevents leaching, allowing for fast and convenient landfill disposal.

Use Spill-Sorb and get back to work faster!

  • Absorb liquids within fibres vs adsorbing liquids on exterior only
  • Light weight increases ease and speed of deployment and clean-up
  • Absorbs immediately on contact
  • Retain the liquids absorbed; prevents leaching of absorbed liquids
  • High performance on rough surfaces
  • Natural fire retardancy
  • Non-abrasive
  • Landfill – pass and exceed Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP), Paint Filter Test and Liquid Release Test (LRT) – won’t leach absorbed liquids, eliminates free liquids problems
  • Increased options for disposal
  • 100% organic – environmentally responsible from origin to disposal
  • Spill-Sorb’s cellulose fibres contain no respirable crystalline silica dust (a known cause of silicosis and a carcinogen) which is associated with most mineral sorbents

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Item # Product Description Unit
40032 Spill-Sorb 28L 1 Bag